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Girl Gazing

Character by Design


ITEPS Youth Development
Workshop Series

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Girl, BE!™  is a workshop experience designed to provide a safe space for tween and teen girls to land and learn to harness the power of BEing versus DOing. Each interactive session, builds confidence, improves mental health, and boosts self-esteem! Young ladies develop skills through fun and engaging activities designed to help them identify their true worth and the freedom that follows as they learn to simply BE!


Sessions are developed and led by certified youth development and mental health professionals. REGISTRATION for Summer & Fall 2024 Workshops Opens Soon! 


If you've SUBSCRIBED to our site (by choosing LOG IN at the top of the window), watch your inbox for updates! To learn more and if you'd like to see these or other workshops offered in your school, community, Troop, etc. CONTACT US TODAY!

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