Course Overview:

As a business executive or manager, you may use Microsoft® Office Excel®, or a similar application to create dashboards and other business presentations. Using spreadsheets, you can only plot static charts and graphs that present historical data. Also, the dashboards that you create in spreadsheets would be spread across multiple files or worksheets.

With Xcelsius 2008, you can consolidate a large amount of data and present it dynamically on a single dashboard, so that you can not only appreciate historical data but also forecast or predict future performance. In this course, you will use Xcelsius to create interactive visualizations for presenting complex data in a simple way, and to conduct analysis to make critical decisions. You will also create complete dashboards that present business, project, and human resources information, all consolidated and presented in a user-friendly manner. Finally, you will publish dashboards into various file formats such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, and also to the web.

Microsoft Office Access 2010 

AC101 - Access 2010 Intro

AC102 - Access 2010 Intermediate

AC103 - Access 2010 Advanced

AC104 - Access 2010 Beyond

Microsoft Office Infopath 2010 

IN101 - Infopath 2010 Intro

IN102 - Infopath 2010 Intermediate

Microsoft Office Project 2010 

PJ101 - Project 2010 Intro

PJ102 - Project 2010 Intermediate

Microsoft Office Excel 2010 

EX101 - Excel 2010 Intro

EX102 - Excel 2010 Intermediate

EX103 - Excel 2010 Advanced

EX104 - Excel 2010 Beyond

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 

OU101 - Outlook 2010 Intro

OU102 - Outlook 2010 Intermediate

OU103 - Outlook 2010 Advanced

Microsoft Office Publisher 2010 

PU101 - Publisher 2010 Intro

PU102 - Publisher 2010 Intermediate

Microsoft Office Essentials 

MSE101 - Essentials of Microsoft Office 

Microsoft Office Word 2010 

WO101 - Word 2010 Intro

​WO102 - Word 2010 Intermediate

​WO103 - Word 2010 Advanced

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