FISH! is an extraordinary way to deliver great and unforgettable service!



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Course Overview

FISH! is a course designed to help business think differently about what they do and how they do it. It gives a unique insight into how any business can "have fun, make their customers day, be there and choose their attitude." There’s a reason why FISH! is the best-selling business video in history! In just 20 minutes, it provides a model of how alive people can be at work, gives you tools to build a similar culture and ideas to sustain it. It gets people talking — in a way they never thought possible — about what is possible during the major part of our lives we spend on the job.


Tens of thousands of organizations around the world are using FISH! to spark improvements in leadership, teamwork, customer service, retention, accountability, creativity and quality. People watch FISH! because it’s fun. They put its important message into practice because it’s fundamental to satisfying work and delighted customers.

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All courses are taught by Certified Trainers and Facilitators. If your training needs are larger in scope, you're interested in group rates or require a customized approach, we can help you assemble a program and provide you with advice on the time required for each topic and the length of the overall training. 


Team Building events are either held on client site OR at one of our Training Partner venues.


You are cost-conscious, and so are we. By bringing ITEPS Training courses to you, your office or field site you can eliminate the cost of traveling to a distant training location. Choosing on-site training is convenient and relevant as it allows us to tailor off-the-shelf training and incorporate examples and content specific to you or your group.



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The FISH! Philosophy...

  • Provide amazing service that makes customers want to come back again and again.

  • Build a culture where employees love to give their best every day.


If you’re looking for a practical, fun and respected team building and cultural improvement program for your customer service team then FISH! is your solution.


FISH! Team building for customer service is a training intervention that will transform your customer service. Provide your customer service team with inspiration and proven tools to improve your internal culture and your customer experience.

The FISH! philosophy has transformed team cultures and team work around the planet.


Learning Benefits

FISH! has been called an antidote to cynicism, depression, burnout and anger. Our clients are using it for nearly every issue facing business today: leadership, orientation, teamwork, retention, creativity, customer service, quality improvement, change—anything involving human interaction.