Innovative Training, Events & Professional Solutions (formerly, Innovative Training, Events & Professional Services) was established in Washington, D.C. in 2006 by Marcie Leggett, an instructor and designer with 20+ years of experience and an advocate of life-long learning and education.  Since that time, Leggett has been a provider of highly renowned workshops and products for trainers to include workshops for the non-trainer (i.e. business professionals) as well as personal and professional coaching, consulting  and services.

During her years of service as Senior Trainer and Director of Executive and Administrative Services, Leggett worked to develop processes and SOP's, causing workplaces to flourish, not only in their bottom line but in office relations as well. Designing and delivering engaging trainings and workshops in Computer Applications, Customer Service, Volunteerism, Office Management, and F.I.SH. (to name a few) to hundreds of front-line employees, C-level executives, trainers, business owners and individuals, has made Leggett the sought after provider she is today.

One of Leggett's borrowed philosophies is that "Teamwork, makes the Dream work!" She realized early on that duplication of her passion and skills was the needed ingredient to grow the firm. Training and coaching protégés and partnering with other veteran professionals, we call the "ITEPS Dream Team" of trainers, facilitators, designers and assistants is what took the company from a one-person shop to the flourishing organization it is today.

We pride ourselves on providing practical, real-world, performance-based workshops and products that are guaranteed to set you and your business up for success! We are committed to providing you with the exceptional service you can expect as a result of the collective years we’ve been in business. Our high standards for quality and service speak for themselves. CONTACT US TODAY, to see for yourself!


I just wanted to drop you a quick note that your instructor for the PowerPoint class, was a fantastic teacher. She was very well organized, a great communicator, and knew exactly what she was talking about. What I thought would be seven hours of a boring computer class just flew by and was fun. You guys need to keep her as your contractor for those types of classes!”

Sgt. Ben Bolton

NIJ/Comm Tech Project Alexandria Police Department

Alexandria, VA